We're Reopening the Richest Square Mile on Earth


A Gold Mining Company

In its quest for gold, GS Mining focuses not only on recovering the richest ore, but on doing so with state of the art sustainable and ethical practices. Our goal is to bring dormant mines back to life and revenue, while at the same time enhancing and rejuvenating the environment and communities in which we operate.

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Current Projects

GS Mining Company is developing three gold mining operations and one mill in Colorado.


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Featured Updates


2019 | Q1

We’ve been busy! Geological, environmental, and metallurgical testing is underway, including samples from 112 and 163-feet. We’ve also begun working on the Golden Gilpin Mill.

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2019 | Q2

We’ve poured the first Bates Hunter gold in more than 100 years. We’ve also dewatered to 300 feet at Bates-Hunter. Big things are happening!

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2019 | Q3

We’ve installed a fourth landing close to 16 feet above the sill of the stope, and we’ve received a building permit from Central City for the completion of the ore bin next to the Bates-Hunter shaft.

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