2018 | Second Quarter Update

gsminingcompany Quarterly Update

Mine Exploration and Dewatering Process Commences

Mine Exploration | May, 2018

The GS Mining Company team surveyed ground conditions, extent of workings, water level and northeast and southwest access parts for the underground planning purposes for what is to come in the months ahead.

Our team: Matt Collins (General Manager, green shirt ) Jean-Paul Brewer (the tan Carhartt jacket), Matt Foussadier (teal shirt), Graham Peterson (navy blue button-down shirt over a hoody), David Hunsicker (yellow, black and reflective hoody), James Narboe (grey mustache) and Jason Caz (Photographer).

A special thank you to: Dave and James who are members of the Front Range Mine Rescue team and were on site as back up support.

Big Blue Has Arrived! |  June, 2018

Our wastewater clarifier, is the newest 16-feet 3-inch tall addition to the Bates-Hunter Mine! This equipment will allow us to begin removing the coarse, heavy impurities from the water currently in the mine.

“Wastewater" or "Settlement" clarification is the best process for removing these impurities. This is done in accordance with the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment permit managed under the EPA's NEPA rules.

Dewatering Process Has Commenced! | June, 2018

We're happy to announce our dewatering treatment process has begun! This process removes water from the mine and addresses surface storm water. The water pumped from the mine, treated and discharged to Gregory Gulch will be of higher quality than the naturally occurring water in the receiving stream.

GS Mining has permits and systems in place to completely avoid or mitigate any adverse environmental effects.

Pictured: The mine dewatering pump staged, in its freshly painted casing, awaiting its roll to start pumping water over 800 feet vertically. In Photo: Mine Manager, Mathew Mason and Site Foreman, Jean-Paul Brewer.