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The History of Mining in Colorado

Denver has been considered the historical center for mining in the U.S. ever since the Pikes Peak Gold Rush. Today, there are 86 mining companies headquartered here.


Gold was discovered in Pike’s Peak, Colorado in 1858 and Central City Idaho Springs district in 1859. Thousands of people came to the area hoping to strike it rich, including John H. Gregory, the man who discovered the Gregory Lode in a gulch near Central City. This gulch became known as “the richest square mile on earth.”

In 1859 gold was discovered in Colorado and thousands of people streamed into Central City as the Colorado Gold Rush took hold. By 1860 the hills and gulches of Central City and Black Hawk were covered with mines; and Central City became known as the Richest Square Mile on Earth. As far as the Bates was concerned, it was one of the richest. One hundred and ninety workers were employed. By 1900 about 154,000 ounces of gold were removed. Then – it all stopped. And it remained stopped – frozen in time - until, on September 30, 2018, a Company contractor ended a one-hundred-year pause and fired up his drill. In April 2019 Colorado mining history was made when a button of gold was produced from ore recovered from the Bates. Central City is once again a gold town.

We are passionate about the potential of the Bates, Clay and Gilpin. Based on geologic studies and historical research, we believe that the old timers left far more gold behind than they ever took out - and we intend to get it. The task ahead is unique and challenging, but we have a set of values that guide us daily. We are committed to safety, the well-being of the area in which we operate, the environmental impact of our activities, and the success of the investors who put their trust in our vision.

Dedicated to Responsible Mining

One of the most significant challenges facing mining companies is integrating successful economic development while preserving environmental integrity. The GS Mining Company is committed to the ethical and sustainable development of its resources and the wellness of its surroundings. Our mining meets or exceeds all the standards and requirements of such organizations as Alliance for Responsible Mining, Fairtrade Gold Certification and Fairmined Gold Certificate. We care about the environment and are not only dedicated to minimizing mining’s effects, but also to improving the ecosystems in which we operate.



GS Mining has a system in place to completely avoid any adverse environmental effects of tailings. We return the tailings to the mine. The historical drilling and exploration of the Bates Hunter, as well as our intended use, creates vast empty caverns with the capacity to safely hold our tailings for as long as the mine is in operation. This has the added benefits of improving surface stability. 



Before returning water from the mine to the environment, we pass it through our own water treatment plant. That plant removes metals and pollutants before discharging water which meets all federal and state standards. Testing is done on a daily basis. As a result, the water that we end up pumping is of such a high quality, that we actually improve the creek.