BH Sample Results Memo #2

gsminingcompany Assay Reports, Bates Hunter Mine

Bates Hunter Mine, Sample Results 1/3/19

Grab Sample Assay work

In December of 2018 samples were taken from the ribs and ceiling in five separate locations at the 112-foot level within the NE trending drift extents. All the samples that were taken were easily accessible for myself and an assistant to chip off the Hanging wall or ceiling. Samples were sent to Hazen Research, Inc. in Golden, Colorado, all of which returned phenomenal assay results. Results presented in Table 1.0 are from Analytical Report 18M03328. Too say the least every sample was very easy to access and grab (if this is what was being left behind, I can only imagine what was being taken out).

Tools used to obtain these cut and grab samples include Hammer and chisel, electric hammer drill and electric grinder, sample bags and all Proper Protection Equipment. These samples are the second samples taken by the current operator of the Bates-Hunter mine, BH Mining Company. 

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