2019 | Fourth Quarter  Assay Reports

Graham Peterson, the Company’s site geologist, has begun cursory sampling in the Bates vein at the 240 level which continues to provide encouraging examples of gold mineralization and material for mineral processing evaluation.  An additional sample was taken in the West Hunter shaft area to assist with visual identification of gold mineralization.

Table 1.0

Sample #

Au opt

Ag opt











Sample Location Descriptions

240-003:           240ft level, at the intersection of drifts which is about 60ft west. 1ft off the sill of the footwall. ~1inch wide heart of the vein.

240-004:           240ft level, at the intersection of the drifts which is about 60 ft west. Apex of the back approximately 7.5 feet high, about 3" wide cut of the heart of the vein.

WH135-001:     A 1-gallon zip lock bag was filled ½ of the way with remnant ore material. The Ore is composed of about 90% Pyrite, and 10% sooty chalcocite. Pyrite crystals were large, some spanning 1/3 of an inch in width. Minor Peacocking* visible in the chalcocite.

*Peacocking:    “Peacock ore”, the informal name for an iridescent copper mineral having a lustrous, tarnished surface exhibiting variegated color.