Map of the bates hunter mine

August 2020 | Bates Hunter Breakthrough

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We are thrilled to announce that on August 9, 2020 we had a breakthrough!

One of our most important tasks for 2020 has been creating a secondary egress from the Bates Hunter to the surface.  This required us to reopen and dig down the West Hunter shaft and to dig across from the Bates Hunter.  It was grueling work in which the crew had to navigate their way through boulders, dangerous voids, and remnants of hundred-year-old mining.

We are pleased to report that Sunday afternoon, at about 4:oo pm mountain time, ace miner Alexander “Dru” Johnson descended the West Hunter, and much to everyone’s delight, reappeared at the top of the Bates Hunter, accomplishing the first round-trip in Bates Hunter history!

The digging that was required for Dru’s trip resulted in the removal of rock and sludge that now sits in about 300 super sacks containing a ton and half each.  Random sampling has resulted in the assays we’ve previously described and can be found on  Every sack sampled contained gold – often at remarkably high levels.

Because we now have a secondary egress that can be used for both mining and  an emergency exit, we can change the focus to securing and drilling sites that are gold specific and progress the hunt for gold from the preparatory stages to our drilling program.

On the image below you can see the connection in red from the Bates Hunter shaft, down to the 240′ level and across to the West Hunter Shaft. It is an important breakthrough for GS Mining Company, its investors, and the crew!

Stay tuned for further announcements!

Map of the bates hunter mine