Environmental Social Governance

GS Mining Company is a green company. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles, and all that they stand for provide the foundation for what we are building in Colorado. We believe in it and we practice it.

Located on the front range of the Rocky Mountains, GS Mining Company is a committed guardian of the beautiful and historic communities of Central City and Black Hawk in which we operate. We are dedicated to the health, welfare and protection of the local residents, as well as all people living throughout Colorado’s front range. Mining as an industry is historically characterized by one of exploitation of the environment. We are rewriting that story with every drop of water, every ton of soil and every ounce of gold that we pull out of the ground.


The Enviroment: Dedicated to Responsible Mining

One of the most significant challenges facing mining companies is integrating successful economic development while preserving environmental integrity. The GS Mining Company is committed to the ethical and sustainable development of its resources and the wellness of its surroundings. Our mining meets or exceeds all the standards and requirements of such organizations as Alliance for Responsible Mining, Fairtrade Gold Certification and Fairmined Gold Certificate. We care about the environment and are not only dedicated to minimizing mining’s effects, but also to improving the ecosystems in which we operate.



We have been pumping an average of 700,000 gallons a week out of the shaft and treating it with our state of the art, EPA/CDPHE licensed water treatment facility.



By removing the metals and isolating the tailings, we correct the environmental problem before it even starts. To do this, we add cementing and acid-neutralizing agents to dry tailings.



We generate “eco-friendly” gold. The gold we produce is mined with minimal ecologic disruption and without using mercury, cyanide or any other similar toxic substance.



 Our operations are mostly underground and have no impact on the neighborhood. Our physical footprint is representative of our limited carbon footprint.

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The gold on Colorado capitol’s dome was installed to commemorate the Colorado gold rush. Central City, and Black Hawk were once internationally acclaimed mining centers. More than one hundred years later the mining and milling have disappeared, replaced by gambling casinos and hotels.

GS Mining Company intends to bring mining back to Central City which was once characterized as the “richest square mile on earth.” Our transparency is evident in our open invitation to our local community to see, firsthand, what we do, how we do it and we solicit their ideas towards complete congruity with the city. Here is a link to interviews with the mayors of Central City and Black Hawk attesting to our community involvement:


GS Mining Company is committed to the safety and security of our employees and neighbors. When we send people hundreds of feet down into the earth, we insist on the best safety practices in mining. We have an industry leading safety record which is checked quarterly by the Mine Safety and Health Administration. Work begins every morning with an all-hands-on-deck safety meeting. We pay wages many times higher than the local hospitality industry and provide comprehensive medical insurance and retirement benefits to our valued employees.



We are a private company that owes its existence and success to a combination of friends, family and investors. Although voting control is held by the families of the founders, we have specific guidelines and safeguards for our minority investors. In addition, we are proud to state that in a male dominated industry our current CEO is a woman, as is our EVP of Digital Assets.