Executive Team


Celebration of Life
CEO, Stephen D. King

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you of the passing of Stephen D. King.  Steve was recently diagnosed with a particularly aggressive and fast-moving type of cancer. Although he put up as good of a fight as humanly and medically possible, the fight ended September 21, 2020.

His clarity of vision, sharp mind and kind heart made him a joy to work with and be around.  The redevelopment and opening of the Bates Hunter mine was Steve’s vision and now that we are on the very cusp of realizing that dream, his passing is very sad indeed.

The team at GS Mining Company remains focused on the success of the project and on building value for its investors.  We are committed to Steve’s legacy, bringing back the richest square mile on earth.

Our miners, engineers, electricians, managers and officers are at it – literally twenty-four hours a day.


Matt Collins
Director of mining operations

Mr. Collins is a Colorado mining engineer with thirty years of experience in and around the mines of Central City. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines where he has also served as an adjunct faculty member.


Stephen Humphray
manager of Mining operations

Mr. Humphray’s expertise includes mining methods and management of mine operations, strategic planning, technical savvy, cost management, employee management, surveying, and increased production techniques. 


Franklin Levy
Managing Director

Mr. Levy has extensive experience in the entrepreneurial world as both a principal and trusted adviser. His diverse experience includes both start-up enterprises and the organization of one of the country’s largest family offices.


Bob Herdina
managing Director of Corporate Finance

Mr. Herdina joined the Company in 2018 as EVP of Corporate Finance, bringing with him more than three decades of experience in the financial services industry.