GS Mining Company Announces New Mining Personnel

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CENTRAL CITY, Colo., May 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- GS Mining Company announces additional professional mining personnel: Matt Mason to join the GS Mining Company

The GS Mining Company announces the addition of Matt Mason to the team at The Bates Hunter Gold mine effective today.

Mr. Mason will provide leadership in the role of Mine Manager in all phases of underground hard rock mining. He will work closely with Matthew Collins who is the General Manager at The Bates Hunter Gold mine.

Mr. Mason's Colorado and other experiences working underground have demonstrated results and proven value.

His track record includes repeated mining and construction project management which has been on time (or ahead of schedule) and under budget. In addition, he brings dewatering experience, additional "mine and life safety" training skills and a well-developed network of first rate mining staff to our team.

We welcome Matt aboard and look forward to his contribution to our progress as we redevelop this historic and significant gold property in the heart of the "richest square mile on Earth"

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