What Is Moria Token

The Moria Token is an ERC-20 compliant token representing an interest in certain royalties generated from each of the Bates Hunter Mine (“Bates”), the Clay County Mine (“Clay”), and the Gilpin Mill (“Gilpin”) in Colorado and any additional mines or mills purchased or developed by GS Mining Company, LLC (collectively, the “Mines”).

What makes Moria Token different?

Each Moria Token is entitled to a pro-rata share of royalty payments equal to the greater of 10% of annual gross revenues generated by the Company, or $0.20 per token annually.


Moria Token Fast Facts


Token Symbol


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* is not currently accessible to residents of the United States

GS Mining Company (GSMC)

GSMC intends to profit by locating, rehabilitating and re-opening closed gold mines which the Company believes may contain undeveloped gold vein systems. GSMC has already identified and acquired options to three such mines and continues to seek out additional similar opportunities. In each case the Company intends to make decisions based upon existing historical records, the experience of Company employees and experts, and geologic reports. Nevertheless, the nature of this process is uncertain and potential investors should only consider this opportunity if they are prepared to lose their entire investment.

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