Moria Token Royalty Payment Date

Jessica Lowry

Moria Token is a cryptocurrency issued by the GS Mining Company LLC which operates the Bates Hunter gold mine in Central City, Colorado. Moria currently trades on and As the world’s first decentralized investment platform for precious metal extraction, these tokens contain a provision to pay annual royalties on a quarterly basis.

GS Mining Company LLC announces its first quarterly royalty payment of five cents USD ($.05) per token. This payment record is available to private wallets holding Moria as of 2300hrs GMT on May 23, 2018, in the block at #5672724.

This payment will be made in ETH and can be retrieved via any time after 2300 hours GMT on May 25, 2018, and before 2200hrs GMT on August 25, 2018, the currently intended date of the next quarterly payment.