Bates Hunter Mine

Bates Hunter At A Glance

The Bates Hunter Mine, a historic shaft mine, is located in the historic Central  City mining district in Gilpin County, Colorado about 35 miles west of Denver. Central City is the oldest mining district in Colorado and the most important one in the Front Range mineral belt. The Mine itself extends over 22 acres and  is home to a series of established gold veins.

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Bates Hunter In The News | Boulder Weekly 

A Return To Legacy
It’s 8 a.m. at Central City’s newly reopened Bates Hunter Mine, the sun just peaking over the valley walls. It’s been over 70 years since gold was last mined here, but as the miners begin to arrive at work on a November day in 2018, it feels like they’ve been here all along, like this is where they’re supposed to be. By all appearances today is a normal day, although on the agenda is at least one extraordinary task; after months of removing water from the main shaft, the miners can finally access the 163-foot level, submerged and unseen since an exploratory visit in 2008.

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The History of Bates Hunter

Gold was frst discovered in Colorado in 1858. By 1859 over one hundred thousand people were heading west hoping to strike it rich. One of those people was a fellow named John H. Gregory. He is credited with the discovery of the “Gregory Lode” in a gulch near what is now Central City. That gulch came to be known as “the richest square mile on earth.” The Bates Hunter Mine takes its name from the Bates vein that is part of the Gregory Lode.


Historical Reports & Documentation


Professional Paper 94


Professional Paper 223


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Bates Hunter Mine Report


Shotwell Report March, 1934


43-101 Technical Report