Carr Mine

About the Carr Mine

The rights to the Carr Mine ("Carr") were included in the acquisition of the Bates Hunter Mine and is a separate gold bearing vein known as the Carr Vein.

The Carr was worked from 1893 to 1910 and like the Bates Hunter has had no commercial mining in over 100 years.

The U.S. Geologic Report attached to the GS Mining Company website notes that the Carr vein contained gold ore that was assayed at .72 to 9.06 ounces per ton. These are remarkably promising results. The Company intends to begin exploration of this vein after its current focus on the Bates Hunter rehabilitation is concluded. Based upon the historic data, the Company believes that like the Bates Hunter, there may be substantial gold that remains untouched in the Carr.

Historical Reports & Documentation


43-101 Technical Report


Professional Paper 359